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  T Shirt  
  Sport Wear  
  Washed rotten flowers  
  Polo Shirt  
  Single face sweater  
  Knitted fabric  
  Add: Yicheng district industrial park,  
  Zaozhuang, Shandong, China  
  Tel:+86-632-7725399 7722988 7752777  
  Fax:+86-632-7738566 7752699  
  Contact Us:Zhaoyue Chu Qingling  
  About us

Shandong Zaozhuang Tianlong Knitting Co., Ltd. , established in Sep. 2003 with a registered capital of RMB 5 million, is an export-oriented enterprise mainly engaged in the production and processing of various knitted garments. The company has two branch factories(Priting factory and Velvet Febric Factory ) and four workshops (Knitting Workshop,Bleaching and Dyeing Workshop,NO.1 Sewing Workshop,No.2 Sewing Workshop ) and has an occupied floor area of 50,000 sqm, a factory building area of 20,000asm, as well as 800 employees including 80 designers and technicians. Main equipments include 30 sets of big circular knitting machines,40 sets of desktop knitting machings, 12 printing and dyeing lines (including normal temperature,pressure and high temperature and high pressure lines ) and 6 sets of multi-head embroidery machines. We are an all-powerful knitting enterprise integrating knitting, dyeing, printing, embroiderying and sewing, with an annual production capacity of 8 million pieces of various knitted garments, which are mainly exported to Japan,Australia,America and Europe etc., and the annual value of exports reaches USD 8 million.
All over the years, we have been upholding the operation philosophy of Quanlity is First, Customer is Foremost, Honesty is Based, Pragmatic and Innovative, and have been well received among customers with our high-quality services and products.
Mr. Zhao Zhilong, the president and Mr. Liu Xiangming, the general manager, together with all of the staff sincerely welcome friends around the world come here and negotiate for mutual development!
Operation Policy:Honesty is Based, Quality is First, Management is Strict, Be Reliable and Let Customers Satisfied.

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